Views Bulk Operation 7.x-3.3 breaks ubercart set order status operation. As a temporary fix we’ve created a module that will be able to change the order status. Download and enable the module, then enable the new operation Update Ubercart Order Status in VBO field settings.

Download Module


function vbo_ubercart_action_info() {
 return array(
 'vbo_ubercart_order_update_action' => array(
 'type' => 'uc_order',
 'label' => t('Update Ubercart Order Status'),
 'permissions' => array('access content', 'administer site configuration'),
 'behavior' => array('changes_property'),
 'configurable' => FALSE,
 'vbo_configurable' => TRUE,
 'triggers' => array('any'),

function vbo_ubercart_order_update_action_form($settings, &$form_state) {
 $form = array();
 $form['order_status'] = array(
 '#type' => 'select', 
 '#title' => t('Select the Order Status to change to'),
 '#options' => uc_order_status_options_list(),
 '#required' => TRUE,
 return $form;

function vbo_ubercart_order_update_action_submit($form, $form_state) {
 $return = array(); 
 $return['status'] = $form_state['values']['order_status'];
 return $return;

function vbo_ubercart_order_update_action(&$entity, $context) { 
 $entity->order_status = $context['status'];
 uc_order_update_status($entity->order_id, $context['status']);

One Response to “Views Bulk Operation 7.x-3.3 breaks ubercart set order status operation”

  1. ANDiTKO

    Thanks. The module works perfectly!
    Fixed the issue i had after updating VBO

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