Website Maintenance

Websites are basically software. Just like the software on your computer and phone, you'll need to update it regularly to keep it up to date and secure. Software updates patch up known vulnerabilities that may enable your site to compromised.

Core Updates

WordPress and Drupal core software needs to be needed regularly. WordPress will perform core updates automatically. Drupal needs to be updated manually. When an update is available you'll see a message when you log into your website as an admin user.

Theme/Plugin/Module updates

Part of what makes popular CMS platforms great is their ecosystem of contributors of free and paid add-ons, known as "plugins" in WordPress and "modules" in Drupal. Just like the core software, plugins and themes should be updated when an update is available.

Server updates

On a less frequent basis you may need to update the server software that runs your website, such as PHP and MySQL. WordPress now recommends PHP 7.x now that support for PHP 5.6 has ended. The server software is maintained by your hosting company. If you're getting warnings about PHP please contact us for assistance.

Search Engine Optimization Updates

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and website requirements to deliver relevant results. The most notable examples in recent years are when Google started prioritizing mobile optimized pages in search results and displaying "not secure" warnings on websites without an SSL certificate installed. When these major changes happen we will notify you and assist in compliance.