After developing with Drupal for years, we’ve become spoiled having Drush at our disposal. WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) is the closest thing we’ve found and is just as awesome.

Couple of key things we like:

  • Can be installed without sudo permission, so it will work with shared hosting environments with SSH access
  • Easily install and update plugins
  • Excellent documentation
  • Works on multisite installations
  • Scaffolding tools for custom post types and taxonomies (no need for helper plugins!)


My most frequently used commands are:

wp core update

This updates WordPress core to the latest version

wp plugin update-all

This updates all of your plugins in one command. Huge time saver! Be sure to test on a dev environment before rolling out on a production server.

2 Responses to “Drush Equivalent for WordPress, WP-CLI”

  1. Achim

    Hi Thai Yin,

    thanks for sharing, I was just googling “drush wordpress” and easily found what I was looking for thanks to you.

    But since when do you need sudo for drush? I’m working with drush on a daily basis and never ever was using sudo.

    • Shane

      You should never have to use sudo for drush. But it depends on how you've installed it on your server/dev machine.

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