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This is usually the biggest part of any project. After designs are approved, our developers match them up with the sitemap and start building the website. Think of it as handing a set of blue prints and artist renderings for a new building to a construction crew. The developers will install the software for the website (Drupal, WordPress, Magento, etc) and produce a "theme" from the designs by breaking down or "slicing" the design into individual graphic files and code that a web browser can understand. The development site will be available at a private website address for review and feedback. By now you have a working website that looks very close to the designs. Filler content ("Lorem ipsum") is used as placeholders until the final content is put in.

The site is usually built on an area not accessible by the general public and search engines. This is referred to as the “staging” server/environment. This is where the developers and the client can review the website, test, and put in content.